Pep Talk to Myself

You deserve to have all the little moments; clarity If you can be yourself more outwardly, unapologetically, you will become more comfortable with yourself Throw away your inhibitions, throw yourself into everything, no one is thinking about it as much as you are You cannot live if everyone likes you How can you have meaning […]


My Body

I go back and forth between loving my body and hating my body But I never stopped to think how my body feels about me Maybe it thinks it’s in an abusive relationship, me bringing flowers one day and hurting it the next Manipulating it into submission with emotional control   Are you ever going […]


I did good today

I did something good today. I felt uplifted today. I had patience today. You would’ve loved me today. You would like me today. Not cause of how I look, but because I’m confident. I feel good. (Also I guess because I look good) You would’ve loved me today. You would’ve gotten frustrated with me today. […]