E. Christine

My Body

I go back and forth between loving my body and hating my body But I never stopped to think how my body feels about me Maybe it thinks it’s in an abusive relationship, me bringing flowers one day and hurting it the next Manipulating it into submission with emotional control   Are you ever going […]


Nana and Grandpa

trains/bacon and cheese toasted sandwiches/the don’t tell Nana game/pool table/the painting of the little girl playing/china dolls/ getting ice cream/sleepovers/3 of us sharing a bed/Nana’s sewing machine/crossword puzzles/the dress-up box/golf always playing in the background/the yellow eggshell plates/ the Claussen pickles/planting flowers/the red velvet couch/the smell of leather in their car/the sound of the turn […]


things I love

blankets / crinkle cut french fries / journals / rereading my journals / listening to other peoples’ playlists / laying down to go to sleep / letting the sun drench your skin in a blanket of warmth / that moment you have a full plate/cup/bowl of food and it hasn’t been touched yet / when someone tells […]