Life Passing Through My Body

I have seen mountains and rivers. I’ve been in oceans and forests. These hands have touched so many public bathroom sinks and so much of your skin. My eyes have seen thousands of views. My heart has been broken in a hundred different ways. I have been in love more than once. I have been to foreign countries. I’ve been to Colombia and Amsterdam and California. How have all of these moments passed through this body? This body that isn’t even the same because our cells grow new every seven years. Who am I really? My mind? How has all of this happened to and through and in one person? It’s my life, but what does that mean? Those places I’ve been, does it affect anyone that I was there? How has all of this happened in one body, one person, one soul, I can’t wrap my mind around it. Time and space means nothing to the person you are in this moment but you wouldn’t be a person here without that time and space. It’s wild. I’m in awe of life and how it flows through us all and how we flow through it. How we had a relationship for two years and now it’s just gone. Are we even those people still? If not, then who have we become? How can I be someone different if I’m still in this body? And if we’re the same where did that relationship go? Is it affecting me even though it’s no longer? I don’t know, if we change, can we say we’re still the same person? Have these moments changed me? Are they still a part of me? If not, then what are they?

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