Deal breaker

You need to learn to swallow your pride the same way you learned to swallow your tongue when you see injustice

And you say “Well not all of them were bad.”

And you mean well not everyone owned slaves, some just watched it happen

You didn’t murder a black boy in the street, but you, you just watched it happen

You didn’t rape a woman, but you accepted the dehumanization of women as locker room talk


The same way you watch injustice happen

The same way you paved a path for racism to happen

Sexism to happen

Homophobia to happen

Xenophobia to happen

You did not think racism was a deal breaker

You did not think sexism was a deal breaker

Despite women being your mothers, daughters, sisters

Despite women being whole entire human beings

Despite women being over half of this country’s population

You say you are not Trump but your silence in the face of injustice sounds a lot like his

The way you hold privilege in your backpack and never take the time to unpack it or think to share it looks a lot like him





White Boy thinks the statement “White Boy” is racist

How do you not see the privilege dripping off of your hands?

White boy walks to class on the backs of slaves, the backs of indigenous people, and the backs of women

Jumping from back to back, never putting one of his sperry’s on the ground

White boy carries privilege in his backpack, but he never takes it out to share, never unpacks it to understand

White boy thinks he’s part of the solution, never a part of the problem, because that’s what his parents told him when he was taught to be color blind


They say now is the time to heal and I want to know how they’d like to help heal hundreds of years of slavery and the segregation and oppression that followed




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