The stages of missing him

I want you back

I can’t take it anymore
Everything is a reminder of the temptation your body holds
Everything is something I want to be doing with you, doing to you
I can’t stop the fantasies. They just build on one another and I feel like a little kid in a candy store that can’t wait to get the first taste

God I just want to hold you
I want to sit right across from you on the floor and have the satisfaction of sharing existence with you
I want to kiss you until my lips are numb
And I want to be held in your arms, tucked into a bed where I can breathe you in and take inventory again of every inch of your skin
I want to pull on your hair and caress your face and hold your gaze
I want to hear you laugh
And I want to make you feel amazing
I want you back

You Don’t Miss Me

You don’t miss the kisses and you don’t miss the moments and you don’t miss having me to go to, not that you ever really came, but still, you don’t miss laying in my bed you don’t miss playing with my hair, feeling my skin everywhere, hearing my laugh and all my jokes and you don’t miss my cleverness and the times I’d outwit you and the times I actually had confidence and you don’t miss tracing circles on my back and the butterflies we felt just by playing with each others fingers and you don’t miss the warmth of a body next to you and you don’t miss my presence and how I could fill a room much better than you ever dared to? 

How dare you not miss me after every note and every weekend and

how dare you not miss me after nights I stayed up waiting for you to come home just so that I could promptly fall asleep, but it was in your arms and that was the point


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