A Prayer

He keeps hard work in his pocket

He’s fiercely loyal because you can’t be inconsistent with a queen

She brings warmth to every room she enters and he brings laughter

They are both wholes and not halves because they know what it means to live fully

Two souls together….

Sometimes she is the sun but sometimes she is the moon

So is he

They take turns reflecting each others’ light

He is strong but so is she

He is grounded and she has patience

She softens him and he keeps her from being hardened by the world

She doesn’t need much; getting lost in his arms is enough

She likes getting lost; in his arms, in his eyes, in his laugh, in his love

He is the example of a father neither of them ever had

She is the mother who teaches self-love, justice, and growth

They constantly grow together. Two vines twisting into each other

They constantly laugh together

They constantly learn together

Their existence, while maybe futile, is purposeful and generous


The best duo you’ve ever seen

Support and strength

Always finding new ways to love

He pushes her and she inspires him

Beautiful babies come out of that kind of love

It will never be easy but it will always be worth it



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