We don’t even do it purposely but we each exist differently and we each exist the same
We grow into our being without knowing sometimes

Like windows in an apartment

Organically decorated or not but each unique without thinking

Some have beer cans

Some have curtains

Some have blinds

Some have pots of flowers some have posters

Some have Mariano’s brown bags taped onto the glass to prevent the sun

Sometimes we grow into our being intentionally

Like my rings

Like my piercings

Like the way I do my hair and the way I hold myself

The intentional plants on my windowsill and the intentional posters that reflect who I am and who I want to be

My intentional representation

Sometimes we are intentionally the same

When we wear the same hair and wear the same clothes and talk the same

When we stay in our groups

Sometimes it’s unintentional though

How we all eat and we all breathe and we all smile at babies and we all want to be safe

But unintentionally we do that differently

Your noodles, your rice, your potatoes, your tortilla

Your smog, your clouds, your mountains, your city

Your teeth and what you smile at

But at the end, no matter what it is we smile at, we all smile

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