When I Let You In

I let you see all the ugly parts of me.

The parts hidden so deep it took months to get out.

I laid it all on the table for you.

Every cringe-worthy thought of mine and every scar and every insecurity, I lined them all up for you to examine.

I fell into your arms crying and I fell into your arms loving you.

You let me be ugly. You let me be real. And it was the most beautiful I’ve ever felt.

You reached in and took those insecurities and twisted them inside out so that they were no longer a weakness, but a strength I was building.

You never let me falter.

You never caved, never stopped being adamant.

You never showed a crack in the confidence and love you had for me. It was unconditional.

It didn’t matter what was laid out on the table because you loved it, accepted it, and taught me how to make it mine.

You filled every dark memory with hope.

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