You come into me and invade every space of my existence like the way milk fills a cereal bowl and how darkness fills the space between the stars.

One breathe of breathing you in and I’m intoxicated.

You fill me up with every thought of you and your smile and the way it used to feel to be full and even though you fill my thoughts they really just remind me of the empty space you left when you left me and how you carved your way into me but left a hollow space when you decided to leave.

You ooze through my cracks because you know where they are and you know how to fill them up and like a river that’s run its course it flows easy and has made its way comfortably eroding parts of me so you could fit.

Sculpting my soul like a chunk of clay so that when you let go I am formed to the spaces between your fingers and the imprint of your hand. You filled me up to the point that I can’t go back to what I was.

Like a pregnant woman’s belly that stretches and then cant quite get back to normal once the baby is born.

That’s what you did, you stretched me, tested me, sculpted me,

then left me

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