I did good today

I did something good today. I felt uplifted today. I had patience today.

You would’ve loved me today.

You would like me today. Not cause of how I look, but because I’m confident. I feel good. (Also I guess because I look good)

You would’ve loved me today.

You would’ve gotten frustrated with me today. I thought about dying today. How I’d rather not be alive today.

You still would have loved me today.

I felt alone tonight. I wasn’t. I was surrounded by a ton of people. But my social anxiety crept up. And I just wanted to be with you.

You would’ve made me feel less alone today.

You would’ve been proud today. You would’ve known I felt purpose today, I felt whole today. You would have encouraged me and shown me your smile today.

I found clarity today. You would have said “I told you” today. You were right all along, but I had to do it myself today.

I set my alarm today. I did it the way you don’t like. Holding down the arrow instead of the faster way of typing it in. It’s okay.

You still love me.


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