The Way It Feels


Your hand slides across my back and your arms enclose me in the safest space in the world. I feel complete. I wasn’t empty before, but you make me feel whole. The closeness, the skin on skin, body against body, feels so human and natural and connected. In those moments it’s not you and I, it’s we and every move is connected as if we shared the same thoughts. Every touch is a sensation indescribable of luxury and desire and caress. This is passion inflicted with deep companionship and it’s the kind of duo that makes every touch and kiss feel like your mind is speaking to mine through your body and I know exactly what it’s saying with every touch and draw of your fingers across my skin.
Having someone to let in so intimately; into my mind, into my space, into my skin, is unmatched by anything else in the world. Nothing can compare to the serenity that sweeps through bodies tangled in each other, nothing.

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