The Contradictions That Make It Hard


It’s hard.

It’s hard not to feel empty and it’s hard to not feel lost.

It’s hard to feel like someone when I don’t have anyone and it’s hard to be someone when I might not be anyone.

It’s hard to know what I want when I don’t know how I feel and it’s hard to stay in check when I don’t know what’s real.

It’s hard to feel important when I can’t decide what’s important and its hard to have purpose when I don’t see the point.

It’s hard to want to do anything when I want to do anything but be here.

It’s hard to get out of bed when I can’t even get out of my head and it’s hard not to feel fucked up when you can’t get anything to add up.

It’s hard to tell you how I feel when I can’t feel my insides and I can’t feel the reasons anymore.

It’s hard.

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